How we are changing the way we use social media?

For the past few years it’s all been about social media. Be present on every channel. Put out as much content as possible, to as many people as possible. Follow everyone. Just do social. But what if the way people use social media is changing? It’s a whole new world out there; let’s take a look…


Live video

Take Facebook. Once the go-to platform to inform your school friends how well you’re doing in life and what you’re having for tea simultaneously, now features mostly video and long rant-style posts. Fewer and fewer millennials now use Facebook, with a steep rise in non-millennial users joining the platform. The needs of users are changing; it’s no longer enough to hear about your ex-girlfriend from college’s trip to Thailand, she wants you to experience it; to be there, in the moment.

Live video now features on every platform from Instagram to twitter, which has resulted in immersive, connected experiences for all users. Social media should be just that – social. Capabilities such as live video enable users to share their highs and lows with their friends, families and followers alike, in glorious live or even 360 video; allowing brands to people to experience a brand’s event as if they were actually there.


Ephemeral content

Ever popular in the circles of teens, ephemeral content has continued to impress. Millennials may have grown tired of the novelty by now but older teens of today enjoy its secret nature and childlike quality – and there’s more of it to come. With platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram featuring this capability, it’s only a matter of time before other channels jump on the disappearing-content bandwagon. It doesn’t live forever, but provides brands with an opportunity to share an experience, there and then.


AR Lenses & Filters

Another development of tech, that is showing no signs of slowing down, is augmented reality lenses and filters. Currently, Snapchat and Stories by Instagram feature these futuristic tools that add animated or static images to real-life situations. Reckon that cloud looks a bit sad? Just add a smiley face to it. Want to cover up your hangover face? Don’t worry you can add a makeup filter. AR lenses/filters are incredibly futuristic and have only recently been used for entertainment purposes but the potential for this kind of technology is mind-blowing. Facebook is predicted to lead the way in this field so watch this space.


Social media making lives easier

Everything in our lives is becoming integrated – including the way we interact with brands. If we have a problem with our washing machine, we contact the company via Facebook to get it fixed. If we want to know how long our train is delayed, we tweet the transport company. Social media is no longer just about promoting products or a service; it’s about engaging with the customer on many levels.

Users want life to be a simple as possible, they don’t want to be on the phone for an hour to speak to a company. They want all the content, and they want it now. Social media provides the opportunity to offer an instantaneous service and allows users access to things they wouldn’t normally see. It could be backstage Snapchat Stories of their favourite fashion designer or an exclusive product launch. Social needs to be integrated into all aspects of a business, creating a unique, personalised experience whilst leaving a positive lasting impression.


It seems the golden combination to new-age social media is a mixture of new technology, coupled with insightful communications and ingenious personalisation. Social media is still big news, and it’s constantly evolving with our ever-changing needs.

At Bugler Smith we embrace this change and utilise it to the benefit of our clients.




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