Providing cat owners with exclusive access to experts

We gave our feline fans the chance to ask experienced vets their most purr-tinent cat questions during a Facebook Live Q&A, hosted from London’s first cat cafe, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium!

So what else did we do…

One week of cat-focused social media activity, including Facebook Live

One day of broadcast media interviews

Supporting release, videos and infographics

Social media plan

Seven days of Facebook and twitter activity, with eight videos and 73 posts, delivered an audience reach of more than 350,000, while almost 50,000 viewed the videos.

The Facebook Live Q&A attracted hundreds of questions for two veterinary experts to answer, direct from Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

Broadcast media interviews

To support the campaign we arranged 19 radio interviews for our expert vets, on regional BBC and commercial stations including Capital, Sky News Radio and BBC Leicestershire.

Press release, videos and infographics

A press release with two accompanying infographics completed the media engagement plan, providing further information for cat owners to view.

The videos, release and infographics were also used on social media, the client’s website and as reference points for the vets during the broadcast media interviews.

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