American Golf

Having worked with American Golf several times over the years on TV and brand campaigns, the team approached us once again in 2018, to create a Direct Response TV and radio commercial for its ‘Double Value Trade-In’ deal.

These adverts were to promote the deal within the American Golf stores, as well as drive customers to stores to trade in their old clubs for latest set, and therefore hopefully also increase sales of new clubs at the start of the traditional golfing season.

To understand the mindset of the golfer, we looked into what motivates golfers to trade in their clubs, and what the potential barriers could be for them; then used this research and findings to develop our creative executions around both TV and radio.

As part of the creative development, we worked on two very different executions, the first being a more, straightforward ‘what you’d expect’ route that used the design style already set by the POS, whilst route two was a campaign series of three ads for both radio and TV. Each of the ads featured very different golfing ‘characters’ that would capture the attention of both a TV and radio audience and appeal to a broader range of golfers.

Working with American Golf’s media agency, who booked spots on Sky Sports around golfing and big sports event, and across TalkSport Radio, the ads were rotated ensuring the ads were aired with an even split.

To date, this has been the most successful ‘Double Value Trade-In’ campaign American Golf has ever seen and, as a result, the creative is being updated so the campaign can be used as a tactical sales aid throughout the year.

April, 2018
American Golf