American Golf

National golf retailer American Golf had tested TV as part of its marketing activity several times before committing to a schedule of 14 commercials a year. Each one featured a heavily discounted product or value add-on to an existing product, and were executed as traditional direct response commercials.

In addition to the offer featured in each commercial, the brand also wanted the time on TV to strengthen its brand positioning as the UK’s leading retailer in the golf clubs and apparel market.

We approached each commercial as a separate project, focusing on the features and benefits of the products, and the uniqueness of the offer. We purposely chose not to go down the traditional DRTV commercial route (the same heavily branded creative, but different product and heavy price points) to ensure we weren’t damaging the brand by making it appear like a discount warehouse.

The commercials were instrumental in the annual growth of the business, in terms of revenue, market share and customer acquisition.

February 18, 2014
American Golf