Giving new pet owners the best start in life

Raise awareness across digital platforms of the ‘Best Start in Life’ offer from Vets4Pets

Vets4Pets is passionate about pet healthcare and welfare, and works hard to offer services and products which help keep pets as happy and healthy as possible. The group wanted to raise awareness of its Best Start in Life health plan for puppies and kittens, and promote the plan’s upcoming exclusive offer to owners. And that’s where we came in.

The Brief

Our objectives were to not only promote the plan and offer, but also strengthen Vets4Pets’ overall positioning on social media and increase its social share of voice.

Interacting with customers

To meet the objectives, we created a digital campaign across the Vets4Pets social platforms, using new and innovative avenues for community engagement and utilising content which would raise brand awareness by encouraging UGC tagging.

We produced a host strategically planned outputs, including a number of canvas and carousel ads on Facebook, three YouTube adverts, multiple Instagram and Facebook videos, video on demand and broadcast publisher content.

Starting storytelling

For the first time on the channel, we launched Instagram Stories, creating a series of templates targeted at puppy and kitten owners, which generated an increase in community engagement and brand awareness through tagging and sharing. To further increase chances of tagging, we introduced a monthly community competition where owners had to enter by posting photos of their pet with Vets4Pets milestone cards, which were offered exclusively with the Best Start in Life health plan. This resulted in UGC submissions which we were able to re-post to promote the plan further.

We ensured the Vets4Pets Facebook page was fully optimised throughout the campaign to increase conversion, by reducing external linking in any content posts, and mapping the Best Start in Life health plan skew to the shop.

We also leveraged the Best Start in Life TV advert that we created for the group, by producing socially digestible snippets to go out alongside promotional content across all platforms, for cohesion on all channels.

The Results

Overall organic engagements have increased
Average engagement per Instagram post jump
Instagram follower count increase
second canvas view time