NWVS is a specialist veterinary hospital, that offers its customers, who are both first opinion vets and referred patients, the very best care for their pets.

The diversity of knowledge within the referral centre is unprecedented. Usually there might be 2-3 specialisms within a similar business, but NWVS has an ever-growing range of specialisms, currently standing at eight, which include Oncology, Dermatology and Orthotics.

Our Approach

Bugler Smith were approached to refresh the NWVS brand, which needed to be suitable for both consumers and veterinary professionals – so both reassuring and warm, yet still communicating medical excellence and innovation.

Specialists branding to navigate pet

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Cat Lifestyles

To increase brand engagement, we launched the Great Cat Week Takeover, an integrated, social media-led campaign to engage with pet owners and raise awareness of cats and their lifestyles.