The New Code of Service

GNATTA Company Values

The challenge with Gnatta was the colleagues within the business were already very engaged. Whether they worked as developers, customer service representatives or account managers – they all loved the place they work in and the work they do.


Bugler Smith were tasked with getting to know exactly what made the team at Gnatta the weird bunch that they are (their words not ours), so that their company culture and ethos could ultimately be packaged to attract more like-minded individuals.

The main problem Gnatta faced was its location. Bury is not known to be the centre of the digital universe and with a further 30 recruits needed within six months, agency fees were out of the question.

So how did we do it?

We talked to everyone and were surprised to find that a group, described to us as a happy engaged bunch of creative types, were cynics. Our focus groups were akin to getting blood from a stone. But we got some real gems of insight into how they worked.


The colleagues didn’t want to have a tone of voice that made them ‘vom’ (again their words not ours), they wanted it to be direct, fun and exactly who they were.

The new internal brand

We made sure the most vocal and cynical types in the room became our steering group. They were integral in the whole creative process and helped get the new internal brand spot on.

under the radar

A launch week/event was out of the question. We had to go under the radar and sneak up on them, to deliver something that would make them smile. That said, there were two things that the groups all asked for – more beer and a fridge.

As you can see we’re
really good
at what we do

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How we positioned and branded specialities

Engaging an internal team is about building brand trust, creating conversation and, most importantly, fun. We support your objectives by bringing your ideas to life and adding to the creative mix.