Creating a brand new
e-commerce website

Little House previously sold solely through retailers such as Wayfair and Tesco

The Little House team wanted the autonomy and ownership of selling their furniture through their own website, and so the goal was to create a fully-functioning, transactional e-commerce website that would allow consumers to buy products directly from Little House.

We loved Little House’s ethos and recognised that the brand had a lot to be proud of and definitely deserved some shouting about. We knew it was important to incorporate the Little House brand story throughout the website because, for the customer, knowing the team’s background and the story of the furniture would help build trust and increase retention.

the brand story

We therefore created a premium-looking website that is not only fully-transactional, but also perfectly communicates and tells the story of the Little House brand, so that consumers understand who Little House are and what the team value.

Little House has a lot to be proud of and, for the customer, knowing the story of the furniture could only build trust

To support the website launch we also created a social media plan, designed to connect emotionally with new parents

We understood that when parents buy high-quality furniture it is an investment. It has to be both stylish and practical. Therefore, we needed to communicate to parents in an engaging way that Little House products grow with their little one.

Easy to use social media assets

We know that it is important to be consistent across social media, so we created a range of easy to use assets, including a styled editable text image, as well as a bank of imagery and sales assets. This meant that launching a social presence and a website at the same time was more manageable.