National Partner Conference 2018

Each year Vets4Pets hosts its ‘National Partner Conference’. This is a two-day conference, exhibition and awards dinner, which all the group’s Partners are invited to attend. The purpose of the conference is ultimately to bring everyone together so the board can share with them the success of the group, discuss the marketing strategy for the coming twelve months, and provide a general overview of the current veterinary market. It also initiates the opportunity to network and celebrate success through the evening awards ceremony.

The second day of the conference focuses on Continued Professional Development (CPD), wherein a number of key speakers offer talks and workshops on a host of new veterinary topics, such as the latest medicines, diseases and procedures.

For the last four years we have delivered this event for Vets4Pets, improving and building upon what we create and provide year on year, to incorporate new business objectives and the rise in attendees.

Conference delegates
Workshop Sessions
growth on attendees from 2016

We completely manage and deliver every aspect of the event including:

  • Venue sourcing and contracting
  • Event branding (online and offline)
  • Exhibition management
  • Delegate management
  • Event website build
  • Engagement and comms plan pre-event
  • On-site delivery
  • Post-event comms

National Partners Confrence Guide

Updates & Online Booking

Colleagues had access to all the event activities to make sure they got the most out of the experience.

Workshop Customisation

Our online registration system allowed users to book which sessions they were interested in.

Day Planning

With the online itinerary, colleagues always knew how to get the most out of the event experience.

Local Event Info

There’s so much happening in Manchester, so we included some information about what was happening in the city around the time of the conference.

Event Maps & Route Planners

Key routes and locations were added to Google Maps to allow users to plan their journey via any form of travel.

Post Event Gallery

Photography of the evening was shared with everybody to help create a lasting memory of the event.


National Partners Conference guide

Our teams handled all aspects of the on-site event and delegate management process, with the aim of making the whole process as stress-free for our client as possible.

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