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Redrow Homes understand that to really engage with potential homebuyers, each and every single part of the house buying process needs to be both engaging and believable. Potential buyers need to see themselves living in the house to ever be interested in investing their money into it.

When we were approached to direct one of Redrow’s photography shoots, we knew we needed to do a little something different.

We noticed that there is a tendency in the home buying market to make do with generic stock photography of models for any promotional literature of houses for let or sale, so we wanted to switch up the norm.

That’s why when we came to the shoot, we decided to use a real family, the Hannah family, instead of a group of models who were complete strangers to one another.

For the shoot, we directed the Hannah family to go about a normal day in the house as they usually would in their own home, in order to really capture a realistic view of family life in a new home.

Rather than set up the perfect breakfast to shoot, we let the family actually sit down and eat breakfast together, whilst we shot around them. Then when it came time for homework, the children really completed their school homework whilst we shot that too, making the results very engaging, organic and believable.

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