Ripe Insurance

After winning a competitive three-way pitch to support JRW Group’s rebrand to Ripe Insurance, we set about creating a series of brand videos that captured the personality of Ripe Insurance, one of the leading niche insurers in the UK.

Ripe’s ethos is all about making insurance easy to buy, simple to understand, cutting out the jargon and making sure customers receive excellent value for money.

To help explain the new brand proposition clearly to corporate partners, consumers and potential employees, we developed a fresh creative concept that plays on the connotations between ripe(ness) and fruit.

Keeping things succinct, we focused on key elements to deliver the client’s desired messaging in a consumer-friendly time. 

The video lives on the website and has been a real success for the client, helping enlighten existing and potential customers about the passion and zest that the lovely people at Ripe bring to each and every insurance product they offer.

In fact, our client loved the fruit inspired concept so much that it was rolled out across all comms as well as helping inspire their office refit!

Having helped revitalise the brand, Bugler Smith have since been asked to produce a further five videos to help bring to life the different insurance products that sit underneath Ripe Insurance.

Take a look at the fruity little video and, if you like what you see, give us a call.

April, 2018