Starting a conversation from direct mail

Rolls-Royce had identified 100 prospects, all specific to the Manchester area, who they considered would have an interest in the brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

None had ever previously had any dealings with the brand, and Rolls-Royce wanted a way to kick start a conversation with them via a direct mail piece; the objective being to arrange face-to-face meetings with as many of them as possible.

Personal Invitation

Considering the audience, brand and product, the direct mail piece we conceived centred around the creation of a personal invitation to attend the Cullinan launch in July, wherein each prospect would be given a personal demo of the car and VIP experience at the event.

A/B testing

As part of the campaign, we wanted to A/B test the invitations by creating two variations of the copy, to gauge if there was a preference regarding the tone of voice, and which one was found to be the most engaging.

Sunlight reactive ink

The invitation itself was a substantial triplex print, consisting of the invitation – personally addressed and signed by the Rolls-Royce Manchester’s managing director – on one side, whilst the reverse lead with a ‘Revealing the New Cullinan’ message. This line was supported by the use of sunlight reactive ink, which meant that once the invitation was exposed to daylight, it would reveal an image of the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan.