Saying ‘yes’ to finance for those who have been told ‘no’

Sensible People, make sensible finance choices

Sensible Finance approached us to help develop a new brand to position them as the brand that like to say yes, to those who have been told no to finance. The finance sector has changed and more and more who apply for loans and mortgages are being rejected. Sensible People was created to help this audience with credit. The brand was then rolled out to a new responsive website and associated collateral.

Credible and friendly

From the outset the brand needed to be warm and friendly, whilst still retaining a financial and credible air about it.


The people’s brand

We developed a brand in a soft round font, but offset this against a cooler palette, which is akin to financial organisations.

The smile says it all

The addition of the smile underneath the brand, as a happy sign off, communicated that the outcome with Sensible People is a positive one. Bad credit, life stage or lack of credit shouldn’t mean an immediate no!

The new brand firmly positioned Sensible People as an emerging challenger brand
The tone set by the new brand was rolled out on all of Sensible People’s collateral

As you can see we’re
really good
at what we do

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